DroneSense Support



Thank you for choosing DroneSense!

Our goal is to provide highly reliable software that will support your needs as you grow your drone program. We know that dependability is paramount, and our job is to be there for your organization when you need us. If you're not currently a user and want to learn more about how DroneSense can help your organization manage its UAS program, click here to request a demo.

Use the Knowledge Base, available from the buttons above, to access articles about basic usage and common issues. Create a user profile and log in to access more support articles and troubleshooting information beyond what is available to non-users.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone:

 - Email: help@dronesense.com
 - DroneSense 24/7 phone support: 833-DSHELP-5 (833-374-3575)
 - Axon Air 24/7 phone support: 888-AIR-AXON (888-247-2966)

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